About Us

A few years ago, when Craig and Susan's last child had moved out of the home, they officially became empty nesters. This was a new chapter for them to embark on after raising 7 children together.

It was around this time that they were introduced to the French Bulldog breed. They quickly fell in love with the frenchies' fun, affectionate, and easy going personality.

Craig and Susan have over 10 years experience with breeding AKC dogs, and three years specifically with the French Bulldog.

For them, they are sharing a piece of their family with yours.

Responsible Breeding

We believe that breeding dogs must be done responsibly and with the purpose of preserving the breed’s characteristics. Our goal is that we will produce healthy, well-socialized purebred puppies.

  • We maintain a healthy and loving environment for our puppies to thrive
  • Parents are on site, so that you will be able to meet them. Meeting the father may not always be possible, but you will certainly meet the mother
  • Minimal number of litters from mom
  • We provide a health guarantee
  • We are willing to take the dog back if you are unable to care for it